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15g 20g Environmental Water Treatment Ozone Machine

원래 장소 중국
브랜드 이름 Netech
모델 번호 NT-T
최소 주문 수량 1
가격 300-900USD
포장 세부 사항 판지 나무로 되는 케이스에 있는 거품으로
배달 시간 3 5 일
지불 조건 , 서부 동맹, T/T의 신용 카드 paypal
공급 능력 주 당 1000
제품 상세 정보
필수품 이름 물 오존 발생기, 오존 물 정화기 가스 먹이기 공기와 산소 급식
전압 110V 또는 220V 오존 산출 2g 3g 5g 6g 10g 15g 20g 30g
유형을 생성하는 오존 코로나 방전 오존 발전기 유형 세라믹 오존 관
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ozone generator swimming pool


ozone generator water treatment swimming pools

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제품 설명

                                 15g 20g Environmental Water Treatment Ozone Machine
1. Quick details
   Brand Name:                    Netech

Model Number:                NT-T

Certification:                    domestic
Ozone output way:          air cooling

Warranty:                        one year warranty
Adjustable rate:               20-100% adjustable ozone

Gas source Oxygen
Oxygen flow rate 1-18LPM
Material Ceramic tube
Cooling Air cooling
Power supply 220V,50/60HZ
Commodity Ozone water system
Ozone output 2g/3g/5g/6g/10g/15g/20g
Size 360*260*610/400*300/770mm

how to use ?

1. Before use this machine, put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight.

2. Use the power equipped with the machine;

3. The machine use for air purification, firstly attach the silicone tube into the

ozone outlet and then turn on the power;

4. Set the timer and then come out ozone, and put the tube into the room.

5. When use for room air purification, it requires nobody is present, after 30

minutes people can walk into the room.

6. If use for water treatment, the air stone should be attached into the silicone

tube and put into the water.

7. Attention,the machine should be placed higher than the water, incase that the water reflux occur.

Control panel:

Voltmeter, Ammeter, Switch, Timer,

Working light, Power light etc.

Timer: One or Two recycle working time


Item Unit                                                             NT-T
2G 3G 5G 6G 10G 15G 20G
Oxygen flow rate LPM 0.5~2 1~3 1.2~3 1.5~3.5 2.4~6 3.6~9 3~10
Ozone concentration Mg/L 28~50 28~65 32~60 28~56 32~60 32~60 38.9~42
Ozone output G/Hr 1.5~3.0 4~5.0 4.3~5.7 5.0~5.8 8.6~14.5 13~17 18.6~20
Power W 115 135 160 185 260 330 400
Air flow rate (Suggested) LPM 40~60 50~75 50~90
Compressed air pressure Mpa 0.025
Fuse of power supply A 3 5 5 5
Size cm 36×26×61 40×30×77
Net Weight kg 11.25 11.30 11.50 18 20 35

 15g 20g Environmental Water Treatment Ozone Machine 0
Question and answer
♦ Is ozone harmful to human body ?
Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard,
we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or take actions to avoid
further leakage.
So far there is no one dead reported caused by ozone poisoning.
♦ Does the ozone generator work efficiently ?
Undeniably, ozone can clean and remove odor and formaldehyde.
It is reported that ozone is a widely used bactericide.It can kill escherichia coli,
bacteria efficiently and resolve the harmful material in a short
15g 20g Environmental Water Treatment Ozone Machine 1